Rockwood Public School, formerly S.S. #2 Alice, was built in 1954 directly across the road from the first original schoolhouse constructed in the 1800s (see painting below, and other S.S. pictures to the right).

The school began as two rooms: one for Grades 1 to 5 and one for Grades 6, 7 and 8 which is now the office and custodian/staff room area. The following are some of our school's key milestones:


Key Milestone/Activity


Two more classrooms added (currently the music room and the Grade 5/6 classroom).


Six additional classrooms completed in the Primary wing.
Smaller schools in the township closed and students were bussed to Rockwood because of its central location and large play area.


New gym and library completed.

March 1974

6.75 acres of land purchased for $3000 including a swamp area which students continue to use for science projects and as a bird sanctuary.


4.65 acres purchased to improve the entrance, exit and bus route to/from the school.


Intermediate wing of school added.

2013 (Present)

Rockwood boasts a population as high as 486 students and has levelled out to 400 (in 2013). The school remains very community-minded, friendly and welcoming.


S.S. #2 painting by our secretary Nelda Noack
S.S. #2 painting by our secretary Nelda Noack